Wednesday, Oct 12th, 2005 in The IPWS Blog by Tom Lawlor | Comment

A remarkable image is published in to day’s Guardian newspaper. Photographer Dan Chung made the picture when he walked into a makeshift hospital in Muzaffarabad in Pakistan. Published across two pages in black and white, it shows a young girl lying on her side while a doctor operates on her head wound. Her eyes and lips are open, her hands and fingers are limp betraying no sign of pain or panic. Her face is peaceful, like a detail from a Caravaggio. The background is a blurr of activity as doctors operate on young children in the most primitive conditions. In the caption Dan says “I dont know the girl’s name nor her age. As I watched, as she lay on the tressle table, they shaved her head and began stitching up the big wound. I hope she was unconscious when they did that. And i hope that she survived, though I can’t say whether she did”.

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