Sunday, Oct 16th, 2005 in The IPWS Blog by Tom Lawlor | Comment

Jerome Reilly in the Sunday Indo’s Fifth Column takes a swipe at the Press Photographers Assocation of Ireland coming over “all lofty and high-minded” on their website ( Claiming to promote peace, understanding, truth and fairness through photography it prompted Jerome to respond. “Come off it lads! Any snapper Fifth Column has ever delt with always follows Hilaire Belloc’s sage advice: “Be at the pains of putting down every single item of expenditure whatsoever every day which could possibly be twisted into a professional expense and remember to lump in all the doubtfuls”. Ah, it takes me back to a time when a colleague, short of a few bob, would claim for the hire of a ladder to make a picture. But the prima donnas would claim for the hire of a boat to get to Ushers Island.

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