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Funny how we use the word “light” to give us an expectation of newness and learning. It suggests a moment when darkness is conquered and an automatic seeing or revelation is enjoyed.
IADT Dun Laoghaire to day offered a conference to all titled : Into the Light: Photography in 19th Century Ireland.
The programme foreword announced: Each paper offers a different perspective on the history of Irish photography in the 19th century covering disciplines ranging from modern Irish history, literary theory and sociology to cultural geography, art history and the history of photography.
The conference opened with an introduction of inaudable mumblings due to a sound system that reminded me of two cans and a piece of string. A take it or leave it attitude was the response from organisers to this complaint.
Apart from two heros it was a day of cringing embarrassment with speakers so far off subject offering papers that should have been used for recycleing.
Question time offered a moment of beauty when one citizen used the oppertunity to inform a speaker on Joyces bad eye sight.
The organisers of this conference must accept that they have confused their ambitions with their abilities.

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