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Congrats to the Collins Agency for capturing a great shot of Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea during a visit to the Curragh Camp where he was meeting the Rangers. The Minister was inspectiong a range of weapons when he playfully lifted an automatic pistol and pointed it towards photographer Colin Keegan. The image shows the Minister’s impish grin in close-up as he gets the photographer in his sights with both eyes wide open. A moment of Ministerial mischief captured. What a pity we had to listen to opposition politicians banging on about the pic. It’s an honest image capturing a moment of light hearted fun.

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    I heard that one of the local radio stations ran a caption competition for the pic and the winner was ” Groucho Marksman” – also I Times recently ran cartoon based around the same photos and Dr Paisley demanding “O’Dea be decommissioned”

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