“Colman Doyle – Ábhar Machnaimh” – Broadcast Time: Saturday 29th of April, 8pm on TG4

Thursday, Apr 20th, 2006 in News Archive by IPWS | Comment

Colman Doyle has photographed Ireland for over 50 years – we follow him as he returns to photograph West Kerry, reconnecting with his earliest work as a press photographer. In the process, we look back at the astonishing collection of photographs taken by him over the decades.

Colman Doyle has taken thousands of photographs of Ireland over the past 60 years. His work is extraordinary in both its scope and quality, and as such it forms an unique and valuable portrait of a changing Ireland over the second half of the 20th century. Lead photographer with the Irish Press for over 40 years, Ireland Photographer for Paris-Match for the same period, Colman photographed all aspects of Irish life, and his work documents an Ireland which has undergone huge change, one in which the oar gives way to the outboard, in which the Pillar is supplanted by the Spire.

In the forthcoming documentary “Colman Doyle – Ábhar Machnaimh” we follow Colman as he returns to west Kerry, to reconnect with the people and places he first photographed at the beginning of his professional career, over 50 years ago. In undertaking this journey, we explore the decades of change across the island captured in Colman’s work.

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