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Friday, Jun 8th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 1 Comment

I remember years ago in the uk when a group of photographers suddenly lost a regular little earner from Auctioneers who got together and started taking their own property photographs. The photographers got together and threatened to set up an Estate Agency, using each of their shop fronts to display property for sale. The Auctioneers had a change of heart and went back to using professional photographers. Not so easy to do today but……………

In my last blog I suggested that photographers tell the politicians that they won’t vote for them unless they have used a professional photographer to shoot their posters & brochures.

This rule should be applied to everyone you as a photographer do business with. Don’t advertise in a magazine until they treat photographers with the same respect as journalists who usually get a credit with a font size several times larger than the photographer gets. And there’s often a photo of the journalist attached to each article.

Have you ever looked at the website of your accountant, your car dealer, your favourite restaurant, local pub, insurance company, stationery supplier, hairdresser, doctor, sign writer, travel agent etc?

Who’s taking their website photographs?

Who’s taking their family portraits?

Who’s taking their passport photos?

If it’s not you then why are you doing business with them?


Dominic Lee

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  1. Robert
    Posted June 29, 2007 at 4:58 pm | Permalink

    Dominick I have just changed my accountant. He tried to blame to his secretary for using one of my competitors who uses a different accounts firm. Now for some more checking…………Robert

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