Secondhand Digital Prices By Dominic Lee, AMPA

Wednesday, Aug 15th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | Comment

Earlier this year I bought a 4 gig compact flash card for 75 Euro now I can buy one for 36 Euro.

A 1gig USB Pen disk is now 9 Euro; same one last year was 39 Euro.

An 18x speed DVD/CD reader/writer (internal) is a mere 35 Euro, last year you would have been lucky to get change out of 100 Euro for a 16x speed version.

A 160 gig hard drive (internal) is now 48 Euro against last year’s price of 70 Euro.

So I’m surprised to see people asking for the same money less the VAT for secondhand gear as it can be purchased for here in Dublin brand spanking new and with a years guarantee.  And as many photographers have discovered it’s just as easy to buy new equipment from Germany or Northern Ireland as it is from Dublin and not only will they avoid paying out the VAT (if they are registered) but often the courier fee will be less from overseas than from a home supplier.

Happily the prices quoted above are from an Irish supplier

Regards, Dominic

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