Dáil to debate rights of Freelance Photographers

Thursday, Nov 22nd, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | Comment

Earlier this year, Michael D Higgins TD described the Competition Authority’s ruling that freelance actors, musicians, photographers, artists, and all those involved in atypical work cannot be represented by a trade union in a collective agreement as “illegal and in breach of a number of regulations.”

Next week in the Dail, the Labour Party is introducing its own Competition (Amendment Bill) which aims to

1. enable trade unions to organise and to negotiate collectively on behalf of individuals who enter into or work under contracts “personally to do or provide any work or services” – the emphasis being on the word “personally”.

2. allows for collective negotiation and bargaining in relation to the terms and conditions of a scheme whereby services are provided to the public by members of a trade, profession or vocation and paid for out of public funds.

They would welcome support in helping to get this Bill introduced.

Please contact your local TD either by phone,fax or email and ask them to support the Labour Party’s Billl when it is introduced next week.

Send their replies here.

Also Show your Support, by being in the Public Gallery when this issue is being debated in the Dail. If you would like to attend on either Nov. 27th or 28th from 7-8.30pm) then please contact Labour’s Campaigns Officer, Cathy Flanagan, at 01.6784700

If you can’t make it to the Dail, then watch the debate on the live webcast.

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