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Saturday, Dec 12th, 2009 in News Archive by IPWS | Comment

The Management of ‘Basler Zeitung’ a Swiss publication is trying to force all its photographic contributors to transfer most of their rights. A petition has been set up to protest against the move – a translation of the motion you are signing reads – “As part of current cost optimisation efforts Swiss media firms are trying to force freelance photographers to sign new contracts. These will give the media firms the usage rights for re-use without additional pay, nor will the photographers be paid when third party sales are made of those photos. So, the media firms will be acting as Picture Agencies without sharing the resulting profits with the photographers. With this freelancers will be pushed further into financial difficulties.” It may seem a little thing to do, and you may think ‘what is the point’ but by standing together for what we believe in we do show that photographers do care what is done to us. If we say nothing then they – the publishers will start to think that it is acceptable to cut rates, and demand more rights without pay.

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