Finding a Photographer

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The Irish Photographers Website has been putting professional photographers in Ireland together with clients since 2003 and we do everything in our power to make it easy for you to find the perfect photographer for your requirements.

Finding the right photographer is a simple three step process:

1. Find photographers:

There are several ways you can use the site to find photographers:

  • You can browse through photographers by category or by county
  • You can search, specifying a category and/or county and adding keywords to further narrow your search
  • You can use the image search, entering a word or phrase to return images which match that phrase.
  • In each photographer listing, you will see tags – clicking these will bring up all photographers who have used the same tag.

Each photographer’s page has information about their areas of expertise, where they work, and in many cases a sample gallery of images.

2. Make a short list:

Become a member of this (it’s free and quick!) and you can add photographers to a Favourites list as you browse or search. We’ll save your list for you so that you can return at any time to edit or add to it as you wish.

3. Contact Photographers:

Once you’ve decided who to contact you can get in touch with any photographer directly from their listing page by clicking on the ‘Contact photographer’ link. You can also click through to a photographer’s website and contact them from there if you prefer.

Before you make your final choice, you might like to read our tips on Hiring a Photographer in Ireland

We wish you luck with your search and if you have any comments on how we might make your experience better please let us know

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