Wedding Photography Charges

Saturday, Apr 24th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | Comment

Budgets are very topical in Ireland – I know – photographers have bills too.

Bling is out and modest is in. Wedding couples are looking for ways to get their wedding budget down. Maybe the wine is  a new world or the wedding dress, which is still beautiful, has not been flown in from London or Paris.

But there is one area where I would caution the couple going for the cheapest – the wedding photographer!

“What a surprise,” I here you say.  You are a photographer and you would say that wouldn’t you.

I admit that – but let me just expand on my warning. A couple need to be realistic. If a quote is coming in too low – why is this. I know we are nice guys but I doubt anybody wants to continually work for less than cost. Good wedding photographers do much more than just photograph your wedding. They will meet you weeks before the day, show you samples and discuss issues you may have. Many will offer an engagement shoot to see what it is like working with the photographer and they will be clear about contracts, deposits, insurance etc. This professional approach will aid you in your preparations. After the wedding they will assist you in your selections and the production of the album. There is a basic threshold of price and service – really people shouldn’t consider a photographer whose rates don’t match up to the norms.

Long after your champagne has been popped, the speeches delivered and honeymoon over your wedding photographs will be the only tangible  record of your full day.

Photographs are your wedding’s legacy – you will be sorry in years to come if you base your choice of photographer only on price!

The Irish Photographers Website offers an extensive directory of professional photographers happy to photograph your wedding.

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