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Monday, Jul 26th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | Comment

One of the main reasons I got the iPad was the ability to blog on the go – maybe at a conference or a product launch without having to carry a laptop. Realistically the iPhone is too small for the written word so an iPad appeared to be a good solution – with some other attractive features.

There is a slight issue with the keyboard in WordPress Dashboard on the iPad. Not quite sure why but it doesn’t come up when I go to type the main body of text – like this. I need to go to HTML mode. More a WordPress issue than an iPad issue I am sure or perhaps I am just being stupid.

Apart from that it all seems cool – so in theory it should be really easy to post from events out and about.

I am interested in hearing from other photographers around the globe who have purchased an iPad and how they use it for business.

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