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Wednesday, Aug 18th, 2010 in Photography News, The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | Comment

Deasy Photography in Kildare Special OfferI used to do a lot of restaurant images for a food review and I would always sit and chat with the chef after each session. One chat always stuck with me. The chef was keen to stimulate business throughout the week and kept stating that his business was very good value and not just for those special occasions. He outlined that a restaurant cannot survive on Valentine’s Day and birthdays alone. His argument was that people, when they eat out, should get value for money and not feel ripped off. If they get value for money they will come again and again – even for a meal mid week. And if you build a relationship with them, based on good service and value for money, they will come to you for the big events too! I always thought that some photographers could learn a lot from this.

Today I noticed a special offer from Deasy Photographic in Kildare. For just 49 euro you can get a portrait in one of Ireland’s leading studios and a 10″ framed print. Now that is value for money. I have no doubt people will grab this offer and so they should. Deasy’s have done the figures and they know their margins. They will turn a profit on this promotion and that is only right too. But it is about more than turning a profit in a quite period. It will give Deasy’s the opportunity to connect with their community and will help their potential customers realise that they aren’t expected to drop €1000 plus on each visit to a studio.

Kudos to Padraic and his team.

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