When copyright is enough.

Sunday, Aug 29th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | 3 Comments

I recently blogged about how sometimes ownership isn’t the only factor photographers must consider when selling images to media groups. I have just heard of a case taken by a Dublin photographer against a Sunday newspaper which used his work without clearing it with him first. In this case the issue of copyright was the important factor in the photographer’s case against the newspaper. The client’s expectancy for privacy was also a key argument made against the unauthorised usage of the images by the paper.

In the end the newspaper settled the case by paying the photographer 20, 000 euro.


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    That’s quite astonishing how much the newspaper settled. Something to strongly consider regarding ownership and copyright.

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    Im delighted to read this and congratulations to the Photographer .i am surprised at the settlement figure .but then the paper took liberties it was not supposed to .

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