Civil Partnership weddings – Are you prepared?

Thursday, Oct 21st, 2010 in The IPWS Blog, Wedding Photography in Ireland by Alan Murphy | Comment

Although the Civil Partnership Act has been passed it has not yet been enacted into law. This is likely to happen in 2011. There are many couples here and overseas planning their civil ceremony in Ireland in anticipation of the enactment of the Law. Many others gave up waiting and pressed ahead with their civil ceremonies.

So are you prepared for an enquiry from a same sex couple?

What do Gay Couples Want?

Romy McAuley, of A Beautiful Ceremony, says that gay couples want the same as a straight couple -They want beautiful photographs – a record of their day.  So if you shot weddings now you should have no problem with a same sex couple.

What about Posing?

Poses are naturally different for two men than a heterosexual couple – but, as Cormac from Striking Images states,  “all couples are different so I approach each differently – I discuss their requirements and what they want. As an expert I give feedback and advice on images and poses.”

The Small Stuff?

Forms, Booking Sheets, Websites etc. Do you acknowledge the market and want to take the booking. Have you amended things in your practice, e.g. your booking contract to facilitate easily the same sex couple?  This will show that you are aware of the opportunity and want the business.

Finally Romy says it is all about the “Love” – so make sure you show it.

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