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Tuesday, Oct 26th, 2010 in Photography News, The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | 1 Comment

I like photographers who try different things so when I read that Bray based photographer Mark Harrison was shooting images on a Canon digital camera that he had converted to photograph in the Infra Red Spectrum I had to met him, look at the camera and see some of the images he was producing.

Mark was first attracted to IR by the cover of Unforgettable Fire which U2 released in 1984. This cover lead him to the work of Simon Marsden and his book  “In Ruins“. Mark has been experimenting with IR ever since.

Earlier this year he sent a perfect camera away to Advanced Camera Services to have it converted. Since he got it back he has been able to sneak IR images into weddings and has captured some spectacular portrait and landscape images.

Award winning IR Landscape Image by Mark Harrison

When there is strong direct sunlight (light conditions photographers don’t like to shoot with standard digital) the results are very pleasing. Of course not all shots are suitable – as IR can have strange effects on the subjects eye pupils for example – so Mark saves it for those epic images where the couple are in scene. There is also a degree of experimentation about the use of IR – something that Mark really likes.

Wedding Couple in IR by Photographer Mark Harrison

For the techies amongst you the converted camera looks exactly like a normal camera – but once converted there is no going back.

IR Portrait by Mark Harrison

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    Love IR photography. Have used IR film a few times but found that using it and processing it to be a pain in the neck, not to mention the uncertainty of the results you will get. Since going digital a few years ago ( using all Sigma camera gear) I discovered that my Sigma SD 14 has a removable IR filter which just clips off (carefull as it leaves the sensor exposed). This allows you to take your IR (actually it called ‘near IR’) photography. By using a Cokin P007 IR filter I have got some good results, but need to do a lot more experimenting. Also I think the predecessor to the SD14 the SD10 has the dame system but it needs to be screwed off.
    So if you are serious about IR it might be worth looking into some Sigma gear, they dont cost the earth and no modification is required .

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