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Wedding in Kilronan Castle – Scorching Hot Wedding!

Photographer: Mark Capilitan
Couple: Caoimhe & Gerry
Reception: Kilronan Castle
Wedding ceremony: Cootehall

25 degrees, sunshine, heat…about time too! Caoimhe & Gerry’s wedding last Friday was superb and with mega weather too! Shooting in bright sunshine is tough, but it makes for really dramatic pictures, and as Friday’s weather was a one off for now, it’s best to just embrace it!

Starting the day off in Cootehall near Boyle, the whole house was buzzing with excitement and the champagne flowing! With Niall from Complete Weddings shooting video alongside me, there was plenty of details to shoot, and loads of people floating about…and thankfully just enough open shade to get some gorgeous relaxed portraits of the girls when everybody was ready!

Getting to the Cootehall church to quickly shoot Gerry & the guys and capture some of the last minute guests arriving, it wasn’t long before the main event began, and with Niki Kavanagh singing, it was a really fab ceremony. And with the mega weather, after the ceremony everybody just hangs around outside the church, which allows me to get really great candids of everybody as they’re too busy chatting amongst themselves to notice me floating about the place.

After a short stop at Lough Key for the family and bridal party photos, we arrived at the lovely Kilronan Castle, my first time there this year, but I’ve plenty more to come!

This post was submitted by Mark Capilitan.

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