Google and Personalised Search

Thursday, Sep 15th, 2011 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | Comment

A simple search on Google with all the previous search data and history included.

Did you know that the results that Google returns to you may be very slightly different to those served to your neighbour. This is because Google uses some of your previous browsing history to work out the results that best suit you. In order to see what Google is returning based on no history you need to add an argument into the query string that will remove all stored personal data from the results. To see this in action go to and do a search. When the results are displayed go to the url, find the end of the string, and add “&pws=0”. Then press return.

The results should be slightly different for each search. More on this here

The same search when logged out of Google and the "&pws=0" term inserted to end of URL String.

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