Wedding Rip Offs

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I read Melanie Morris’s article with interest and while I see the “rip off” headline as provocative I have sympathy for some of the points she has raised.

No doubt many will agree with her and others will not – for that is the point of an opinion piece – to create debate and stimulate discussion. For my part I wish to address the point made in the article regarding photography as this is the area I am most familiar with.

There are many, many Irish wedding photographers who will provide a bride with a service that is considerably less expensive than the price Melanie was quoted – and indeed there are one or two who may be more expensive!  Because she got a quote of €3,500 doesn’t mean she is being “ripped off” – Melanie doesn’t have to hire that particular  photographer and she is correct not to – not because of the price but because she isn’t comfortable with the price point. This price point is what the photographer values the package, time and expertise at. The fact is it isn’t a rip off – it is just part of the business plan that this photographer has formulated. And people are happy and willing to pay for the service, and all the extra benefits the photographer supplies, at this price – that is the beauty of an open and free market.

That said if  Melanie, or any bride, wants assistance selecting a wedding photographer or have issues with the fees being charged please contact me and we can chat to see if we can assist you – but remember you will have to pay a reasonable fee for a service and photographers, like anyone else, are entitled to value their time and work at any level they want – and you are not obliged to employ them.

If you do hire a photographer just make sure they have the skills to provide the service and insurance should anything go wrong.

In conclusion I point you to  a survey, published last year, that reported one of the top things brides regretted not spending more on was their wedding photographs.





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    Totally agree Alan

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    I guess she thinks a Porsche is a rip off too, or that she should stay in a 5 star hotel for the price of a hostel? Horses for courses.

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    Just another classic example of someone who doesn’t understand or care about the amount of work that is actually involved in putting a photography package together…

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    The only wrong price is a “surprise” price, otherwise it should be what you’ve agreed to well in advance of the event. I’ve heard of a a certain wedding photographer in the UK charging up to GBP 11K and, by all accounts, seems to have no shortage of work!

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    While Alan’s post is measured and considered, and while I’m a photographer myself, let’s for a moment consider why the bride thinks €3,500 is a rip-off for wedding photography.

    Is it perhaps because so many wedding photographers are quoting such low prices at the moment that brides have come to think that that is what they should pay?

    Is is perhaps because so many wedding photographers will give you “including-the-kitchen-sink” wedding packages for unsustainable prices that brides have come to expect everything for nothing?

    Is it because wedding photographers are doing such a rubbish job of explaining their value?

    Is is because most wedding photographers only compete on price and advertise accordingly?

    If a bride thinks €3,500 is too much for wedding photography, who is to blame? Not the bride, I’m afraid.

    It is the job of wedding photographers to explain why €3,500 is reasonable for their services.

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    Hilarious comment from the editor of a magazine that charges the same amount for one single advert as the average wedding photographer charges for a complete wedding album.

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    It’s the same old story, profesional photography is not about taking pictures it’s about selling them. I would never pay any photographer €3500.00 for my daughters wedding or anywhere near that amount but having covered upwards of 1000 weddings myself over a forty year period I would get a good photographer at less than half that price. If a photographer is also a good enough salesman to demand that price or more then good luck to them. I have met a few millionaire photographers in my time and none of them were exceptional photographers (in fact they usually got others to take the pictures) but they could certainly sell!

  8. Colm
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    I think what she was referring to was that in the boom years EVERYTHING was over priced. Now that there is recession having a wedding is an easy target for some people to make money from a bride who wants a ‘perfect” day. Times are hard for everyone but 3.5K is a lot by anyones standards and I would say that there is a handful of wedding photographers in Ireland getting that per wedding

    Strange that people can refer to a porsche or advertising in a magazine when they don’t have any relevance at all.

    Its simple – if the demand for a particular photographer is there then they will get whatever they want.

    In the case of the article quoted the demand was not there.

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