Do you take your image seriously?

Friday, Oct 7th, 2011 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | Comment




This week as I read reports in papers and online of Steve Jobs death I was struck by the clean and simple image that Apple used online to pay tribute to their visionary leader.

I also came across an interesting article on the image and how the photographer Albert Watson engaged with Jobs to get the image he wanted to show the world.

Shortly after reading the article I had reason to go to a marketing site where the profiles of many prominent marketing people were featured. I was shocked by how many marketeers, who really should know better, used images that were clearly taken by someone in their office who apart from owning a digital camera had no qualification to take an image.

Business people hear this advice – if you are serious about your company and your work – follow the example of Steve – he liked this image so much Apple bought the rights to it! ┬áIf you can’t go this far at least engage a photographer who will present a better image of you than a Los Angeles Police Mug Shot !




Image reproduced here with permission.

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