Weddings – We keep it Real?

Thursday, Oct 13th, 2011 in The IPWS Blog, Working with Photographers, Your Wedding by Alan Murphy | Comment

A couple kiss during their rainy wedding.

I came across an interesting post recently. It is an open letter to Wedding Bloggers and is from a photographer.  The basic issue raised in the article is that wedding bloggers only feature:

“brides sporting bird nests in their hair, or pretty, young Anthropologie-swathed bridesmaids, or meticulously stenciled miniature burlap dinosaurs holding up place cards made from the recycled issues of Rolling Stone, or weddings held in obscure meadows that can only be reached via bush pilot or a team of sled dogs.”

At we like to concentrate on real wedding photography. We post real weddings, by real Irish photographers and we pretty much post every submission. We do this because we want to provide one site online where Irish brides can see the work of all Irish professional wedding photographers and their local venues. We are not just posting the fashionable photographer everyone wants or the tech savvy photographer who understands the value of wedding blogging and SEO. After all you want to hire a photographer not a social media expert. Since it has launched it has proved very popular and has quickly become a powerful resource for couples who value good photography and take their time over their choice of photographer.

We hope you enjoy our Real Weddings.


Since the original article went online at least one wedding blogger has responded.

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