Jenny and Pasquale's Wedding

Viv! The short answer: Absolutely brilliant!
Friendly and a consummate professional and a great artist to boot! The long answer:
I selected Viv from his photography portfolio. His style is a combination of a gorgeous, clean design aethetic that pays attention to lines and texture and an uncanny ability to capture authentic moments.

What really won me over was when I skyped him from America. You have to have a connection to your wedding photographer. Viv will get the shots you want and then he will find shots during that day that will make you fall in love all over again.

Be completely honest with what you want but be sure to give Viv the ability to seek additional shots. He will go the extra mile for you.

Thank you again Viv! I will cherish these photos and the memories.
If I’m ever in Ireland again or see you in states, dinner and a drink! Jenny and Pasquales
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