Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, Nov 17th, 2015 in The IPWS Blog, Wedding Photography in Ireland, Working with Photographers, Your Wedding by Alan Murphy

A beautiful bride captured by Wedding Photographer Paul Callaghan

A beautiful bride captured by Wedding Photographer Paul Callaghan

By using our directory couples can take their time reviewing professional wedding photographers and adding them to their favourites or  Bookmark folder. The choice of wedding photographer shouldn’t be made quickly or purely on price. Take the time to consider your shortlist and then meet up with your favourites.

When you are in the process of hiring a wedding photographer here are some points to consider:-

  • Did you like the wedding photographer – how did she/he chat with you. You are going to spend the most important day of your life with this person – This is a key factor to be considered.

  • What was the work like – Don’t rely on the highlights shown – ask to see weddings complete from start to finish.

  • Will this photographer be the actual photographer on the day. How does the photographer work, when should you expect to hear from him/her. How quickly will the end result be delivered.

  • It is not a good idea to base your decision on price only – I have seen expensive photographers who are rubbish and cheap photographers who never turned up. Do your homework and pay what you think is a fair price – but don’t forget that surveys have shown one main regret of brides is that they didn’t spend enough on a wedding photographer and were disappointed with their images.

  • Professional Indemnity and Public Liability are a must for your wedding photographer – end of.

  • Enjoy yourself in the process of getting married and that includes the task of hiring a wedding photographer – it should be fun!

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Fun Fact: According to their adword planner the most popular month to use the search term “Wedding Photographer” is in January.

How often was "wedding photographers" searched for in year up to Oct 2015. Hiring a photographer should be fun - here are some tips.

How often was “wedding photographers” searched for in year up to Oct 2015. Source Google Keyword Planner