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Ballyvolane House Wedding

Photographer: Philip
Couple: Jacklyn & Brian
Reception: Ballyvolane House

In recent years I find myself working at country houses for the majority of my working year, and not just in Cork but on a nationwide basis, and many of these country house wedding will be completely self contained, prep, ceremony and reception all in one place, and while this may sound limiting it isn’t, the nature of being a photographer who works in a documentary fashion the day will constantly change, and it will ebb and flow and so you have to keep with it recording the mood on the day, building the day in that fashion.

Ballyvolane House in East Cork is one such venue where the entire day is held on the grounds and it is an exceptional setting that lends itself well my my own way of working. Jacklyn & Brian help their wedding at Ballyvolane House in early September, great weather, lovely venue and plenty for me to work with so here is a little taste of their wedding.

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  • Philip Bourke

    A natural, candid, no fuss way to photographing weddings

    Philip works in: Kerry, Limerick, Cork, Tipperary, Waterford, Galway, Clare

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