Is your site secure?

Monday, Sep 10th, 2018 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy


I have been doing some cleaning up on the database here at and am struck by the number of photographers who still have not installed an SSL cert on their domain.  Google’s Chrome Browser is now listing all unencrypted sites as explicitly “not secure,” after the release in July of Chrome 68. The change applies equally to all HTTP sites, which will now display a “Not Secure” image in the address bar. HTTPS-enabled sites are unaffected by the change.

This can have an negative impact on your site SEO and therefore I recommend you get on to your web developer to sort out the issue without delay. While chatting with your web person ask them to make other recommendations about methods to improve your SEO – and get them to consider our real weddings, testimonials and verification also – all available for the flat fee of 99e per annum. If they know their stuff they will recommend you sign up.