Top Wedding Photographers in Kerry and how to find them.

Tuesday, Sep 18th, 2018 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy


I have been working as a photographer for over 25 years and I have been operating this website since 2001.   Now I want to give you a few tips to find the best photographer for your Kerry wedding.

Here we go  – let me help you pick the best Kerry Wedding Photographer

Decide what you want


As with all purchases not everyone is looking for the same thing.  You may want a modern album, the next couple may be looking for a retro look.  That is fine – just collect the images and styles you like.  When you meet photographers it will be handy to have reference sheets.


Do you want an album or just the images.  Many photographers now offer files only – the question you have to ask is will you lose the files in your first house move? I would always go for an album – if you don’t you will probably never see the images again.


How much are you willing to pay – Lots of couples see their wedding album as an investment in their family history.  Who knows what adventures will happen after this day and to have a fantastic set of images beautifully presented is a great start to your life together.  When the wine is drunk, the flowers withered and the dancing shoes cast off – all you have are the photographs and the memories they prompt.

Gimmicks and Fads

That is what they are – fads that will go the way of the reflected image in the wine glass or the moustache on poles – nothing can beat great wedding photographs beautifully captured – don’t ruin them with gimmicks.

Now you know what you want and also what you don’t want – it is time to start your search. Facebook groups and directories are great places to start but you will also want to check out the photographers credentials and you definitely should meet up in person – that way you can check the “chemistry” between yourself and the photographer – after all you are going to spend a large portion of your big day with her or him.
If you get a recommendation for a wedding photographer from someone but the photographer’s website doesn’t impress you don’t be put off – photographers are not web designers or SEO specialists. As I say meeting in person is a must – and judge their images on paper.

Here is a checklist I have compiled previously but it is worth republishing it here:

Some more points you should consider when engaging a photographer:–
Experience Level
Has this person photographed in the field you are looking at? Does he/she do this for a living or for fun? Are they insured, do they have qualifications etc.
Does your photographer present himself well, is he/she well groomed?
Price Range
Although, the last thing you want to do is shop by price, is this person within your budget? If not, is he or she worth the price difference? Make sure you understand what everything costs, including reprints, usage and albums.
Is the photographer that you meet someone that you can get along with? Is the “chemistry” there?
Photographic Style
Are the images that you are shown, what you would like to see? There are “buzz” words flying about everywhere about photojournalism, formal, classic candid, and so on. Do you want a mixture of black and white or only colour photos?
What exactly are you getting. What about extra time, etc – but remember if you make extra requests on site these will be reflected in the final invoice.
Some photographers take longer than others – be sure to ask about this.
What about deposits and payments?
Most photographers will require a deposit; this is only natural. What about cancellations and the photographer not being there? Is there a contract- why not?

You should sign a contract and see the insurance details.

Here are recommendations for photographers to consider if you were having your wedding in Kerry. You will find their details and those of many more fine photographers on our wedding photographer directory which showcases the top wedding photographers working in Kerry. We invite all Kerry photographers to join our directory.

White Amber Weddings  David Clynch Wedding Brendan Landy


Don’t limit yourself to just Kerry based photographers. Most photographers don’t limit themselves to one county. They are happy to travel. So here is a complete list of all the wedding photographers working in Ireland. They are insured and would love to chat with you about your upcoming nuptials.

In this video I explain why I set up and why it is my aim to assist you find the best photographer for your job.

After the wedding make sure you ask your wedding photographer to share your images on a real gallery here on  Then submit a testimonial for your photographer.  That way you will really assist me in my goal to showcase the excellent wedding photography that is produced in Ireland and help couples in the future.

Good luck with your search.