Listing Tips

This is important so do take the time to read it.

We want you to get the best value for your small spend on so we have put in place some strong features which are available to all with a Power Listing and Silver Listing. These listings have the same features and you can’t pay more to be listed higher up on the site – note a Power Listing will trump a silver listing. But there are hundreds of photographers listed on our site, so how do you make sure your listing is seen by the right users – people who are looking for just what you offer?

These tips will ensure that your listing gets maximum exposure and catches the attention of those browsing or searching the site. The site also rewards those who interact with it on a regular basis by loading new images and keeping promotions up to date.

1. Choose your signature image of your listing carefully

Don’t forget to upload a signature image to your listing – listings without images are much less likely to generate enquiries from potential customers.

Your signature image appears often – on your listing page, when browsing categories or locations, in search results, in featured listings and many other places around the site. It should be a strong attractive image that accurately represents your style of photography.

Since the image is cropped to a square and shown at various sizes, it is best to use an image that is  400px square, without a wide border.

Remember that you can change your signature image whenever you wish – a new image from time to time keeps your listing looking fresh.

2. Write for the user

Most categories of listing have 2 descriptions – a short one which appears when users are browsing photographers, a longer one which appears on your listing page.

  • The short description should briefly describe your main areas of expertise in a way that will attract a user’s attention. Don’t clutter it with lists of qualifications or memberships – keep it simple and readable to entice users to click and find out more.
  • The long description can go into more detail and allow a user to learn more about you, your experience or qualifications and how you work.

Remember that when users search using words or phrases, the content of both descriptions are searched, so the more complete they are the more likely it is that your listing will be found.

3. Use tags

You can add tags to most categories of listing and they really help your listing to be found in searches.

Enter words or short phrases that are the sort of thing people might search for – for example ‘documentary style, model portfolios, company reports’. There is no need to repeat the names of categories in your tags.

Do use location tags such as area, etc.

4. Work your gallery!

If you have a paid listings you can have up to 60 images in the gallery on your listing page.

Keep the size of files between 500kb and 1Mb when closed. (As a guide Image quality 8/7, 1200pixels on the longest size)

The gallery is a great way to showcase your work, and also helps your listing to be found though image searches. Choose images that display a the full range of your work – if you only have portraits in your gallery users may assume you take no other type of photograph!

5. Describe your images

Write your captions and image descriptions carefully, since they determine when the image shows up in searches.

The image description does not appear on pages, but is searched, so you should add information like where the image was taken (eg Wicklow, or St Mary’s Church or The Grand Hotel, Aviva Stadium etc.) or additional words and phrases for which you’d like the image to be found (for example if the image caption was ‘Wedding Party’ you might add terms like ‘bride and groom’, ‘outside the church’, or ‘bridesmaids’ in the description.

Keep both caption and description relevant to what is in the photo.

6. Be easy to contact

Some users like to send an email, some like to visit your website, others just want to pick up the phone and talk to you. Make sure you complete as many methods of contact as possible so that everyone is happy.

7. Be sociable

Adding social media links – to your Twitter or Facebook page or your listing on Linked In – is a great way of starting a conversation with customers and potential customers.

Be careful here however. If your Twitter stream is likely to turn the air blue or your Facebook page includes dozens of pics of your wild nights on the town – it may be best not to flag them to potential customers!

8. Real Galleries

Paid Listings on now also includes unlimited real galleries. These can be commercial work, fashion, weddings or even personal work. The important thing to remember is that they are loved by the search engines. They are an excellent method to improve you local SEO targetting – reaching out to venues and clients that are important to you. So take the time to upload real galleries and they will pay you back with increased hits and extra enquiries. Video tutorial here.

9.Get Testimonials

As your clients for testimonials – potential customers will be reassured by your glowing references.

9.Become Verified

Power Listings can be verified – simply contact us with details of your insurance and tell us about your business. Or the simple way – tell us the photographic associations you are in.


If you are having difficulties saving the listing please note we have amended the number of categories and counties you can be listed in. This is to improve the results of the searches performed. It has come from feedback from users and photographers. Also ensure that you have checked the “insured” option.