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Marcin Lewandowski Photographer Says:

Top Tip:

Don’t put away your camera too early when working on assignment. Magic moments can happen at the most unexpected time.

Favourite Camera:

Polaroid SX70, ton of fun!

Favourite Photographer:

Marcin Lewandowski is a professional photographer based in Cork, Ireland, specialising in film still, theatrical and documentary photography.

Marcin worked on films such as Maze, Citizen Lane and Gateway as unit stills photographer.

He is experienced in work with demanding clients including feature film, theatre and corporate environment and has a good history of creating commissioned work. Marcin is able to work from large events to intimate venues. He is a discrete and unobtrusive creator of memorable photographs.

Fluent English, Polish and communicative German.

Some of Marcin’s clients include (in alphabetical order): Adorama, Anna Lindh Foundation, Black Mariah Art Gallery, Citylife Wealth Advisors, Classic Porsche Magazine, Cork Film Festival, Cork Cycling Festival, Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork Opera House, DC Shoes, Enclave Review, Evening Echo, Everyman Theatre, Geezer Longboards, Indiecork Festival, The Irish Times, Irish Theatre Magazine, Lionsgate, Luas, Mammoth Films, Mondello Park International Racing Circuit, Superego Films, Triskel Arts Centre, TED X, Mercy Hospital Fundraising, Nemeton, Penske Records, Professional Photographer magazine, Plugd records, TG4, U-Turn audio as well as many independent artists, filmmakers and publications.

In between work and family life Marcin photographs personal projects some of which were exhibited in Ireland, UK, Poland and in the far east as well as published internationally and across the internet.

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Marcin Lewandowski Photographer