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YouTube Embedding

Posted on Thursday, Jul 12th, 2018 by Alan Murphy | Add Comment

27/07/2017 12.45 pm - The issue has been identified and ison our debug list - there is a work around so if you come across a broken youtube url perhaps you might draw to my attention. Thanks - email alan@photographers.ie with the page no working. 12/07/2018 12.11 pm - We appear to have an issue with YouTube embedding into listing - we are looking into an should resolve shortly.  Will ...

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Bugs – Promotions and Recent Images – Fixed

Posted on Friday, Jun 24th, 2016 by Alan Murphy | Add Comment

Promotions We are aware that the Promotions Page does not operate correctly. We are reviewing this  and will sort it shortly. In the meantime we will leave promotions run as is. - Fixed Recent Images These update on listing correctly but not on the recent images link from the "Find Page" - Fixed These issues have been fixed.  If you come across other bugs please report to us via this form  

Managing your listing – Fixed

Posted on Sunday, Jan 17th, 2016 by Alan Murphy | Add Comment

When password entered the system return an error. (This was fixed in 15 minutes of discovery)

Password Reset – Fixed

Posted on Wednesday, Nov 11th, 2015 by Alan Murphy | Add Comment

There is an known issue in the core wordpress software that causes the system to generate a new password when the users profile is updated. We are working on a patch until the Wordpress update a fix but if you get an email about your password - don't fret - you haven't been hacked.

Password error – Fixed

Posted on Sunday, Sep 13th, 2015 by Alan Murphy | Add Comment

The link on this page to the reset password is broken

Suppliers – FIXED

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 8th, 2015 by Alan Murphy | Add Comment

Update 15/09/2015: Fixed! No suppliers currently showing up

Verification Email – FIXED

Posted on Saturday, Aug 22nd, 2015 by Alan Murphy | Add Comment

22nd Aug 13.52 Update FIXED - Verification Email For new Signups. Reason - WP/Buddypress Issue - new code inserted to overcome. Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention it ensured a speedy resolution.

FIXED – Password Reset

Posted on Saturday, Aug 22nd, 2015 by Alan Murphy | Add Comment

Update 22nd 13.55 FIXED - Password Reset Issue Resolved Reason - WP Update caused error with Password Plugin Thank you for bringing this to our attention it ensure a speedy resolution.

New Images

Posted on Thursday, Aug 6th, 2015 by Alan Murphy | Add Comment

The new images followed from the side bar goes to this link - broken