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Not just for the big occasion

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 18th, 2010 in Photography News, The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

I used to do a lot of restaurant images for a food review and I would always sit and chat with the chef after each session. One chat always stuck with me. The chef was keen to stimulate business throughout the week and kept stating that his business was very good value and not just for those special occasions. He outlined that a restaurant cannot survive on Valentine's ...

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Canon 7D versus Barbie Video

Posted on Thursday, Aug 12th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | 1 Comment

A lot of debate takes place regarding video and Dslr so here is a video that is just for fun - well kind of

Photography in Ireland – Interested?

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 11th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

Are you interested in photography in Ireland? Do you want to see the best work by Irish professionals? If yes, then is the place to come to. We have the largest directory of professional photographers and we showcase their work and their blogs. We link you to their social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition to the directory we will soon be introducing new features which enhance ...

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Pic Agency Boss Refuses to sign restrictive contract.

Posted on Sunday, Aug 8th, 2010 in Photography News, The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

Earlier this week it was reported that Southampton FC were refusing to accredit photographers who wished to attend their home matches and media organisations should obtain syndicated pictures from Digital South, a local photographic agency. It appears however that they didn't figure on the boss of Digital South, Robin Jones, considering the bigger picture and the longterm implications of signing a contract that would help Southampton FC set an unwelcome ...

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Terrorists tired of being treated the same as photographers

Posted on Sunday, Aug 8th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

Terrorist in the UK have complained of their treatment following the police clampdown on people taking photographs in public. Read More

Real Weddings and their Power

Posted on Thursday, Aug 5th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

We recently introduced "Real Weddings".  Wedding photographers who have a premium or power listing with us are free to upload as many Real Weddings as they wish. These weddings are tagged and linked to the venue and the hotel. Already we are beginning to see results. The images are being posted on the Venue Facebook Pages and Google is finding them when it crawls our site. I was recently doing ...

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Cameras Stolen in Wexford

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 3rd, 2010 in Photography News, The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

I have been asked to ask you to keep an eye out for some cameras that were stolen in Wexford recently. The items taken were  a Fuji Panoramic GX 617 with a 90mm, 180mm and 300mm lens - this is a pretty unusual camera system. Also a Pentax 6x7 with a 150mm lens and an X-Pan 35mm camera. The only serial number to hand at the moment is for the Fuji ...

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You don’t pose for the paps

Posted on Monday, Aug 2nd, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

With the advent of celebrity culture and reality TV has come the Paparazzi. They operate on the street and capture images of prominent personalities.  In general they operate independently and provide their images to tabloids and gossip magazines. It is not a term I would associate with most press photographers in Ireland who approach their medium with more consideration and creativity than the average paparazzo. I was therefore struck by a ...

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Requiem for the print photography.

Posted on Friday, Jul 30th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

As the final stocks of Kodachrome are developed it is timely to draw your attention to  Recently they looked back at what we are losing with their eassay Requiem for print photography.

Did you photograph the Best Dressed Lady at the Galway Races?

Posted on Friday, Jul 30th, 2010 in Photography News, The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | 1 Comment

Our good friend at the Kerry Eye, Kerry Kennelly has been on the email to ask photographers who have an image of the Anne Marie O'Leary, Best Dressed Lady at the Galway Races, to contact him. His wife, Carol, has a Millinery Business and scored a huge success by designing the hat the lady was wearing. She would like to use the images on her website. Contact Kerry by ...

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Getting Married in 2011?

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 28th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

Fancy a chance to review the best of Irish wedding photography and then judge it. Here at  headquarters we are putting together a competition for wedding photographers and we want to see if you, somebody getting married in the future, would like to be involved in judging it. We haven't worked out the full mechanics of the competition but we do know we want the public involved. This will be the first ...

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This is a post from the iPad

Posted on Monday, Jul 26th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

One of the main reasons I got the iPad was the ability to blog on the go - maybe at a conference or a product launch without having to carry a laptop. Realistically the iPhone is too small for the written word so an iPad appeared to be a good solution - with some other attractive features. There is a slight issue with the keyboard in Wordpress Dashboard on the ...

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Posted on Sunday, Jul 25th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

Members of the photographic forum have produced an online magazine - all within a 24 hour period.

Photographic Exhibitions in Ireland

Posted on Sunday, Jul 25th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

At we want to bring information of all photographic exhibitions to our readers. If you are a gallery owner, curating an exhibition or undertaking to exhibit your own work please supply details so we can include in our Events section. You can send the details here. Please include a details of the exhibition, a url where more information can be read and some low resolution images.

Dublin Amateur Meet Up Group

Posted on Saturday, Jul 24th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

As a professional photographer people are always asking me how they could take better photographs. Nothing will improve your photography better than getting out there and using your camera. Except getting out with others and learning from the shared experiences. The Dublin Amateur Meet Up Group will assist you in the latter. Go ahead - don't be shy. You might also consider joining your local Camera Club and the IPF.