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We want your best images….

Posted on Thursday, Mar 11th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | 2 Comments

At Focus the other day I came across the Moo stand where they had sample packs of their networking cards.  These are cards with different images on each side so I figured it would be cool to get some done for when I am at trade shows etc. So this is a call out for images. If you are on our directory and want to be ...

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WordCamp Ireland

Posted on Monday, Mar 8th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

This weekend I spent two really productive days at Word Camp Ireland.  The event had three track seminars covering such topics from "Writing a Blog" to "Search Engine Optimisation".  All in all I came away assured that moving The Irish Photographers Website to a Wordpress platform was the correct decision as it allows us to introduce a number of features that will assist photographers and suppliers in their ...

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IPPA Licence Proposal

Posted on Sunday, Mar 7th, 2010 in Photography News, The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | 1 Comment

Following on from Dominic Lee's post there has been a lot of activity on concerning the IPPA's announcement that they were looking at a "Licence to Trade" proposal and that they are making a list of all who photograph for gain in Ireland. Like all forum activity, Dominic's Blog and the forum,  got a fair amount of ...

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Women of Concern Photo Exhibition

Posted on Friday, Mar 5th, 2010 in Photography News, The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

Last Wednesday the Gallery of Photography, Dublin hosted the opening of the Women of Concern Photo Exhibition.  The exhibition features the work of three of Ireland's leading female photographers - Marie McCallan , Kim Haughton and Brenda Fitzsimons.   The exhibition which runs to the 21st of March and coincides with International Women's Day on March 8th. The photographs captured by the three photographers tell powerful stories of hope, ...

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Canon Spring Collection 2010

Posted on Wednesday, Feb 24th, 2010 in Photography News, The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Canon Spring Collection in the Halo Restaurant in the Morrison Hotel, Dublin. With a selection of new products available for the audience to review it was a pleasant evening.  A couple of messages I took from the evening: Camera manufacturers are committed to R&D - it helps them sell more cameras. Examples of these innovations are improved metering and ...

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Licensed Cowboys by Dominic Lee

Posted on Saturday, Feb 6th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 36 Comments

I hear rumblings about introducing a licence to photographers. I would be instantly in favour of such a move if a licence number after their name would show that the Revenue Commissioners has them on record. And anyone doing nixers or advertising their services without a valid number would have their details passed to the tax man by the licensing body. The Revenue Commissioner does not send out letters saying “when ...

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Wedding Photography – Pro or Amateur? by Dominic Lee

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 20th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 2 Comments

In days of film, many would-be photographers couldn’t cope with the long sleepless weekend waiting to see if the “Photos came out” and gave up on the career before they even got started. The Digital camera was probably invented by a wedding photographer. Seeing the results instantly he or she can head home knowing they’ve got the job covered. Suddenly there are thousands of wedding photographers where there used to be dozens. ...

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Ooops selling the digital files didnt help!

Posted on Saturday, Jan 16th, 2010 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

This photo studio made it onto the news, but a lot more idiot photographers have gone bust because they took advise from customers on how best to to run their business!   Click on the link or copy & paste it into your browser: Dominic

Only in Dublin

Posted on Friday, Oct 30th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

Two Skangers chatting while looking out a bus window: Look there’s one of dem new rent-a-bike places. What’s dat abou? If yer outa yer head some night an cant get home, ye cud take one o’dem Jasus, me bak garden id have 10 o’dem after a week (they both laugh) Naa, ye have to register and pay a deposit to get the lock off Ah fuck, der must be some way roun dat.

Lens hood & Tripod

Posted on Saturday, Oct 17th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 4 Comments

I was recently asked by a colleague how I got such vibrant colours and sharp photographs in my new book “Out of Your Tree 2”. There are a few reasons but here are two of them: most of shots are taken on a tripod and all of them with a lens hood attached. It does amuse me when I see so called professionals shooting with the lens hood in reverse (storage position).  It’s ...

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Anger on The Altar

Posted on Saturday, Oct 3rd, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 2 Comments

I have deleted the priests name as I suspect that he may have mental health issues. The reply I received from him was typed on a church compliment slip but unsigned saying “This is a masterpiece you should publish it” So here it is, published: Dear Fr X, I recently photographed a wedding which you officiated at. As I entered the church you identified me as the professional photographer and abruptly instructed me to ...

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3 good reasons to vote YES

Posted on Monday, Sep 28th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

The party of ex Bank Robbers, Murderers and Drug Dealers want you to vote NO All the parties who have ever held office since the foundation of The State are “YES” united Imagine having a client who has been throwing money at you for the past 30 years, now they want you to sign up to their new regulations. Do you think they will continue to do business with you if you ...

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The scam artists are as busy as ever!

Posted on Saturday, Sep 26th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

The words in brackets are my only additions: Good day, I'm miss Melisa, further to our wedding preparations between i and my fiancé Jim in GLASGOW, in the month of December. We are looking for a good photographer who will come and snapshot (Snapshots- that's me out for a start!) our proposed event. We were highly impressed on your web page and we hope to have the best of your services. At this time, we ...

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Cops selling advertising!

Posted on Wednesday, Sep 16th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

An Garda Siochana here asking you for a favour, Dominic - would you show your support to the lads in uniform and in appreciation of the good work they do by taking an advert in the Christmas issue of the Garda magazine. I told the guy that that was a pathetic sales pitch and clearly he was not a member of An Garda Siochana as he implied, he immediately hung up. Perhaps ...

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