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Golden Pages and Insurance

Posted on Friday, Aug 7th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 1 Comment

The 2009/10 Dublin Golden Pages arrived today and as there appears to be a noticeable decline in the numbers of Photographers listed I checked against last years book. Six pages of photographers last year and only three pages this year!!!!! So either photographers are going out of business or they are switching to on-line advertising. However the Golden Pages on-line option is a non runner, try typing in “photographer” in “…your area” and ...

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The Sun uses File Picture, claims it was taken in Dublin.

Posted on Monday, Jul 13th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

The Sun Newspaper website on Saturday filed a picture and caption which were not exactly what they reported to be.  It related to their reporting of a friendly against Dublin soccer team Shamrock Rovers and although the game was only a pre season warm up it shouldn't be allowed to be published without being highlighted. The photograph shows the player Steven Taylor and has the caption: "SHAM-ROCKER ... Taylor celebrates his ...

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Budgets slashed at the Irish Times?

Posted on Friday, Jul 10th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

I knew things were bad for all newspaper groups but I was suprised by how far the cuts in the photography budget were hitting our paper of record. Readers are advised to bring their own pencil perhaps?  See for yourself

One Not to Miss

Posted on Friday, Jul 3rd, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

Ronnie Norton has contacted me about this FREE Seminar - don't miss it.The Complete Digital Photography Process   In this day-long program, Jim will simplify the digital photography workflow using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2 from proper exposure through final file archiving. Topics covered will include practical color management, Raw capture techniques, stitching multiple images together to create large panoramic photographs, and creative use of Layers, Masks, and Blend Modes to composite images into a easy to understand creative formula.The Seminar ...

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Only in Dublin

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 23rd, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

Did yuiss kum ear of yir owen freee will an choyiss ta marry each udder? From the most wonderful Dublin Accent I ever heard officiate at a wedding: The new Registrar in Dublin's Marriage Registry Office. And a couple more fine examples: A gaggle of Hare Krishna's were doing their thing down Grafton Street when a young lad runs after them and enquires "Hay, do yuiss Harry's get paid for doin dat?" In Spain ...

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Hiring a wedding photographer in Ireland.

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 23rd, 2009 in The IPWS Blog, Working with Photographers by Alan Murphy | 3 Comments

Here is a summary of points to consider when setting out to hire a photographer to cover your big event. Photography is a creative process and not all professional photographers want to join associations or be judged by awards. You may be better served by a small professional operation than an international, award winning (and expensive) operation; the important thing is that you have the choice and know all the alternatives. There are ...

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If you see an ass, ride it!

Posted on Friday, May 22nd, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 8 Comments

Take an average family portrait session and the average photographer’s price list and you will arrive with the following minimum average sale: One framed 20x16 inch portrait for €500 and two framed 10x8s for Grandparents @ €250 each, total €1000. But you could save yourself a lot of hassle by offering the file on a disc for half the price - €500. Unfortunately, no member of the public will pay €500 ...

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Right to Sight

Posted on Friday, May 15th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

During the week I listened to Dr Kate Coleman on the Mooney Show. She was speaking about her work as an eye surgeon and her campaign website - Right to Sight. One fact that struck me was that for 25 euro surgeons in Africa and India can restore site - If you have a few bob why not donate to them. Right to Sight

And you’re based where?

Posted on Friday, May 1st, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | 2 Comments

In this day and age people like to know who they are dealing with. It is important to them, it gives they an added degree of security. I wouldn't do business with somebody who didn't have an address and I suspect most other people are the same. Why then do some professional photographers not put a full postal address on their website. I have thought about it and ...

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The Irish Times – Celebrating 150 Years – Where’s the photographer?

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 31st, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | 2 Comments

Last week the Irish Times celebrated their 150th Anniversary and they undertook a major campaign to promote this fact. The radio ad which ran earlier in the week mentioned some of the journalists who had worked for the paper over the 150 years. At the time I was struck that no mention was made of the photographers and their work. I presumed I had heard only one of ...

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PhotoFest (trade show) by Dominic Lee

Posted on Monday, Mar 30th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 7 Comments

Photofest; 10 Euro to get in, 3 Euro for parking and 7.50 Euro for two cups of  Late, making your “Show Special Offer” not so special after all. The bar menu listed Caffè Late @  3.75 Euro and Late it was, we waited 15 minutes for our cuppa, an indication of how busy the show was.  This show had a good mix of Irish and foreign suppliers, (banning them from ...

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Unions Exposed! by Dominic Lee

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 24th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

There are far too many photographers in Ireland and not enough work so lets join a Union so we can blockade the streets of Dublin till the government give us eh, eh, eh...........! We could demand that the photographers who include their digital files get issued with a Taxi plate as they will most likely be driving taxis within a year or two anyway. I mean why should we have any ...

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Voucher Bandits (rewritten) by Dominic Lee

Posted on Monday, Mar 9th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

I’ve been asked to rewrite my last blog “Voucher Bandits” without mentioning the studio name so here goes: I had a bit of a shopping adventure recently and as I ventured into a Gas Fire shop I noticed the sales assistant handing a 250 Euro Portrait Voucher to a customer (as a thank you for buying a gas fire). The customer promptly tore the voucher into pieces saying “once bitten twice ...

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Romania in Recession! by Dominic Lee

Posted on Thursday, Mar 5th, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

According to The Irish Times 5th Mar 09 (page 4) the Romanian authorities are seeking the extradition of a Romanian man for a crime committed 15 years ago so he can serve a three and a half years prison sentence for stealing chickens & a bicycle (when he was 13 years old). He had eaten two of the chickens and was riding the bike. I mean, if it was the ...

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ProFoto 09

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 21st, 2009 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

Pro Foto, which has been going for 15 years now, is back in the Green Isle Hotel this February on the 10th and 11th 2009 from 10am to 17pm. Whether your looking for lighting, cameras, printers, wedding albums or frames Pro Foto is the place to be. The following companies will amongst the exhibitors GMS Professional Imaging - Professional printing from digital files with free colour correction, ROES- Internet Remote Ordering Entry System, ...

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