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Joe Duffy – get a life! by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Friday, Feb 22nd, 2008 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 2 Comments

If I received a voucher from Louis Copeland’s Menswear for 50 Euro and I came out of the store having purchased two new suits, several shirts & three ties, and if I then rang the Joe Duffy Show to complain about having to spend thousands on top of the voucher value, I would be told to get a life and stop wasting their time. Please Joe, before you entertain such trivial complaints about photographer’s prices ...

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Bertie & Twink by Dominic Lee

Posted on Friday, Feb 8th, 2008 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

Carla Bruni got 60,000 Euro and French President Nicolas Sarkozy got 1 Euro but RyanAir just gave us a lesson in how to get a shit load of publicity in every newspaper and TV channel around the world for the price of one advert in a magazine and a petty fine of 60,001 Euro. Now where is that photo I took of Bertie & Twink? PS It’s worth mentioning that ...

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Canon Spring Collection

Posted on Friday, Feb 1st, 2008 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

I was at the Canon Spring collection in London last week. It was an impressive affair and Canon added two nice professional lenses to their range. For photographers starting out they also introduced an entry level SLR, the EOS 450D, which has many features which were historically the preserve of more expensive models. In addition they also launched ...

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Charity! Why bother? by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Monday, Dec 24th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

Would you select the “Bob The Builder” over the others to add on your house extension because Bob raised 3 grand and devoted a week’s hard labour building a house in an African Shanty Town for charity? Not likely, and it’s also unlikely that a client will choose you as their photographer simply because you ran the marathon or sold a hundred calendars for a charity. After sponsoring an event I ...

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Dáil to debate rights of Freelance Photographers

Posted on Thursday, Nov 22nd, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

Earlier this year, Michael D Higgins TD described the Competition Authority’s ruling that freelance actors, musicians, photographers, artists, and all those involved in atypical work cannot be represented by a trade union in a collective agreement as “illegal and in breach of a number of regulations.” Next week in the Dail, the Labour Party is introducing its own Competition (Amendment Bill) which aims to 1. enable trade unions to ...

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Mooney doesn’t rate photographers by Alan Murphy

Posted on Thursday, Nov 8th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | 3 Comments

During a recent broadcast RTE 1's Derek Mooney made a rather throw away remark about wedding photographers. (Slide the timer across to 26:30 to hear the offending remark and the lead up) Mooney's argument was that all brides should simply collect images from guests - after all the mobile phone pictures "are fantastic - Get rid of the photographer altogether!!" While I have no argument with ...

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Death of the Wedding Photographer by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Wednesday, Oct 31st, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 1 Comment

       Last year many customers were asking, can you please shoot film? This year they would accuse you of being a dinosaur for not shooting digital. But recording a wedding digitally is at least ten times more work than it was on film. Yet the price has not altered significantly in the past few years to cover the extra skills, equipment and time required.        We ...

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Copyright Act, a waste of time! by Dominic Lee

Posted on Sunday, Oct 14th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 4 Comments

        We recently photographed a group of 10 and after airbrushing all of them, changing heads on 3 of them, removing designer logos and adding a missing tooth, the client bought a 10x8 and asked for a high res file to be emailed to Snap Printing who would print a 30x40 inch canvas for 100 Euro including VAT!           Naturally I told them that they should ...

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Catastrophe in the Studio! By Dominic Lee

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 11th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 7 Comments

Give me a dog to photograph any day, when you whistle they look at you and perk up their ears, perfect portrait every time.       Cats on the other hand are so dumb; no matter what you say or do they either ignore you or jump out of the frame leaving a trail of blood & tears on the poor child holding it.       A stupid moggy in a ...

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Secondhand Digital Prices By Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Wednesday, Aug 15th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

Earlier this year I bought a 4 gig compact flash card for 75 Euro now I can buy one for 36 Euro. A 1gig USB Pen disk is now 9 Euro; same one last year was 39 Euro. An 18x speed DVD/CD reader/writer (internal) is a mere 35 Euro, last year you would have been lucky to get change out of 100 Euro for a 16x speed version. A 160 gig hard drive ...

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My thoughts on the Drogheda Independent Agreement

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 17th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not want to focus in detail on all the Drogheda Independent House Agreement as it is for the local members, the NUJ and the Drogheda Independent. I know it contains many fine points apart from the few contentious clauses currently causing much debate. I hope others, more qualified, will seek to address the valid concerns relating to copyright, new media and future technology but I would like to make ...

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Doing the Business! by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Friday, Jun 8th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 1 Comment

I remember years ago in the uk when a group of photographers suddenly lost a regular little earner from Auctioneers who got together and started taking their own property photographs. The photographers got together and threatened to set up an Estate Agency, using each of their shop fronts to display property for sale. The Auctioneers had a change of heart and went back to using professional photographers. Not so easy ...

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Holy Shabogy Photography on Election Posters by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Friday, May 4th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 11 Comments

It’s remarkable that the politicians spend thousands of Euro on their posters but won’t spend 150 Euro for a decent portrait to start with. Ask any child to choose whom they would vote for from the selection on one lampost and I guarantee they will pick a well-taken portrait. Enda Kenny got his kid brother to step in for his photo shoot complete with a pitch black rug (in real life his ...

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Public Liability and the IPPA – 2

Posted on Thursday, Mar 29th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | 4 Comments

Before reading this you should have all the background and read my previous blog.  If you do wish to respond, and I actively encourage it,  please be polite and considerate - I'm a sesitive soul. We shouldn’t draw any conclusions from the Margaret’s silence on my question but we can see clearly from Nigel’s post he hasn’t had any problems with state bodies and hotels. With regard to the local authorities I ...

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Public Liability and the IPPA

Posted on Friday, Mar 23rd, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy | 7 Comments

The IPPA seem to be getting their act together of late.  Recent innovations such as "Happy Faces" and Orientation Days are to be welcomed - indeed we have acknowledged the work on this blog.  But in a recent letter to all members the president Gerry O'Leary outlined a requirement for public liability to the amount of €6.5 million.  I do believe that all professional photographers should have adequate ...

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