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Why should I Thank You? It says it on the receipt!!!!. by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 6th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 1 Comment

True story, old lady who shops locally in a Dublin suburb three times a week after Mass, asked the cashier why she never says Thank You. To which the cashier replied, “Why Should I Thank You? It says it on the receipt” It reminded me of my first trip to London in 1974. Stepping off the bus in Oxford Street, I asked a newspaper seller which direction was it to Piccadilly ...

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No Pictures,please!

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 27th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Eddie Scheffer | 3 Comments

When I meet clients I often hear the phrase '' I hate my picture being taken''. That's the moment where we as photographers jump in and smooth things over a bit with phrases like unobtrusive, you wont see me, and since I am somewhere above 6 foot something, I really try to be as invisible as I can on the big day, giving as much thought as I can to my trademark ...

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Well done

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 27th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

I went along to the IPPA Orientation day yesterday and I must compliment all involved with organising the event.  It is essential that in addition to promoting good photography we encourage members to organise their business affairs etc.  While some may disagree I think that not enough emphassis is based on the actual role of getting the invoice out, paid and tax returns made.  These things, if not done ...

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Two Bridesmaids in a Confession Box!…….. by Dominic Lee, AMPA.

Posted on Sunday, Feb 11th, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 1 Comment

When I originally emailed an article to Alan, he rang me and said that he had just added me to the list of writers on IPW and he expected regular contributions. I told him I’m not a writer and that it was a one-off, but he wasn’t interested. Now it’s starting to look a bit like “Domo’s Blog” so this is an appeal to others who cant write either to ...

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Wedding Photographer – €3000, Wedding Album – Priceless by Dominic Lee, AMPA.

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 23rd, 2007 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 2 Comments

What an honour to be selected to record such an historic day in the lives of two families. Producing a wedding album is like writing a book, which the Bride & Groom will cherish for life, and in 100 years time their grandchildren will be reading that same book of memories written by the photographer. A busy wedding photographer will write over two thousand such books in his or her ...

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Women Priests at Weddings by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Thursday, Dec 21st, 2006 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 4 Comments

The priest was a bollox and I told him so when I met him later at the reception. It was clear that he deeply resented officiating at the wedding. I asked him was it because he knew that the bride & groom had not seen the inside of a church since their Confirmation, if so then he had blown a golden opportunity to welcome them back? Or was that he ...

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Slave to the Internet by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Monday, Nov 20th, 2006 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 5 Comments

It appears to be a full time job nowadays, deleting dozens of spam letters from a bunch of clowns who want our bank details, forwarding on the daily supply of funnies like the donkey's balls, kidnappers with shaved fanny’s, breasts hanging like god knows what out of holes in a hammock, arse’s painted like pumpkins, willies from around the world, video clips of castrated men on Hungarian television chat shows ...

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An Irish version of the classic email scam by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Sunday, Aug 6th, 2006 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee

My name is Paddy Looney, brother of Mother Theresa Looney. My wife Betty Looney was killed, or murdered, or both, recently. She is definitely dead. Someone e-mailed her a big brick, which, despite all the warnings, she very foolishly swallowed. This killed her, my lovely Betty. It nearly killed me as well, but luckily, I escaped. However Betty was very wealthy, very wealthy indeed. She owned several factories that make ...

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Fish & Chips Photographers by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Friday, Jul 21st, 2006 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 4 Comments

I've had a lot of photographers send me additions to Strange Things Customers Say to Photographers, (see previous blog) but many of them were just a variation on the theme, which is “Can we have all the photos on CD so we can print them at home?” The bizarre thing is that some photographers are doing it, and just charging a fee for taking the photos. And customers actually think ...

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“Do You Do Dogs?” And other silly things customers say to Photographers by Dominic Lee and friends.

Posted on Sunday, May 28th, 2006 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 4 Comments

Customer “I have an out of date voucher, which I won at a quiz, could you extend the date? I won’t be any trouble I just want the free one”. . Can you take people out and touch them up? (from Paul Cooper) . Pointing to the 20x16 in the price list for 500 Euro, customer asks “how much is it for one? I don’t need 20”! . In the middle of a family session, the Dad ...

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Nikon v’s Canon by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Saturday, Apr 29th, 2006 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 14 Comments

What is it about Canon that helps it's owner divert attention from their true inadequacy? Answer, “The full size chip”. What! You mean to tell me that Canon has a full size chip, well bowl me over, a full size chip, if only I’d known that before I bought a Nikon D200. Imagine I too could have had a full size chip!!! It’s all Canon owners can talk about, oh ...

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Search Engines – by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Saturday, Apr 8th, 2006 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 4 Comments

If you had two directories on your desk and one had half the pages torn out while the other was complete, which one would you use? I logged on to and entered Greens Bookshop – Dublin, the result was NO MATCH FOUND. Amazing, considering it is one of the most famous bookshops in the country. According to Golden Pages I should have added an apostrophe, as in Green’s. I then tried to locate ...

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Saving Valuable Negatives by Dominic Lee, AMPA

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 5th, 2006 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 4 Comments

My wife tracked down and phoned the now retired photographer who shot her parent's wedding and asked him if she could buy copies of the wedding photos. He barked out that he had dumped the negatives when he retired and put the phone down. It was clear from his reaction that this was not the first such call he had received. Was that an air of regret in his voice, ...

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Students! who’d hire em?

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 29th, 2006 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 6 Comments

by Dominic Lee, AMPA. Priory Studios I love looking at students portfolios. While I envy the standard of their work, which is often stunning and inspirational, they tend to be creatively non commercial (nice way of saying arty farty) for a job in a Portrait Studio. Prepare more than one portfolio. You may be a genius at photographing products or creating an artistic masterpiece from an image of a gravestone ...

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RAW or JPEG by Dominic Lee, AMPA. Priory Studios.

Posted on Monday, Mar 13th, 2006 in The IPWS Blog by Dominic Lee | 11 Comments

RAW is RAW; JPEG is “JAYSUS Please Excuse Grain” It surprises me to hear photographers shooting JPEG’s on a pro camera. It’s a bit like using your hand to wipe the mist off the inside car windscreen instead using the AIRCON, which added HUNDREDS to the price of your car.  The fact that you can get 40 images in RAW mode and 400 in JPEG mode on the same card ...

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