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Posted on Sunday, Aug 7th, 2005 in The IPWS Blog by Tom Lawlor

Congrats to Nutan who's book "L'Eternel Irlandais" received second prize in the festival de l'image in Biarritz as best photographic book of the year. His latest project, a new book titled "The Islands of Ireland" is to be published by Thames and Hudson of London in October and by Hoebeke publishers Paris.The launch is planned for October 21st in Kenny's bookstore in Galway. Nutan tells me he has been "at ...

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Posted on Sunday, Jul 31st, 2005 in The IPWS Blog by Tom Lawlor

Party girl and greyhound owner Amanda Brunker concedes that "these are the raciest pictures I've ever done" when she posed for the Sunday Indo's Life magazine. Coupled with an interview by Brendan O'Connor the six page spread made me rise early on Sunday morn. Amanda refused the Playboy request to pose because she did not want to upset her mother. What upset me was the measly bylines given to photographer ...

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Posted on Saturday, Jul 30th, 2005 in The IPWS Blog by Tom Lawlor

Real Ireland Design have just published a new book of photographs by Liam Blake. Titled " Sound of Waves" the book contains 50 images harvested from the Dingle area and features 'The Peninsula', a poem by Seamus Heaney which was the inspiration for the work. The Samaritans will benefit from the sale of a limited edition of 75 copies, case bound and signed by Heaney plus a unique music CD ...

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Posted on Saturday, Jul 30th, 2005 in The IPWS Blog by Tom Lawlor | 2 Comments

The loyalists have asked for photographic evidence to prove that the IRA have distroyed all their arms. A kind of finger in the wound exercise. Here is my question. How would you handle this assignment so you could produce forensic evidence of the distruction of arms ?


Posted on Friday, Jul 29th, 2005 in The IPWS Blog by Tom Lawlor

Congratulations to all on the Irish Examiner team who produced a memorable and historic issue (29th.July) marking the IRA's declaration to ends it's armed campaign. It's use of 12 pictures on the main page beginning with the 1972, Belfast, Bloody Friday to the 1996' Canary Wharf bomb demonstrates the power of real photojournalism coupled with great design and layout. This issue will become a collectors item for generations to come. ...

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Posted on Friday, Jul 29th, 2005 in The IPWS Blog by Tom Lawlor

Alan brings to my attentation the plight of a photographer who faces six years in jail for blackmail, forgery and offering for sale "topless" pics" of Cameron Diaz when she was a struggling model. She was offered the collection for an ammount in excess of $3 million. Which begs the question, what was he getting for a ten eight ?


Posted on Friday, Jul 29th, 2005 in The IPWS Blog by Tom Lawlor

If you believe as I do that the accurate documenting of our unfolding society is now in the hands of amateur photographers pop in and see the annual show of the Dungarvan camera club in The Library, Davitts Quay. The work of 31 members produced a great show of 100 prints working on the theme "Capture the Moment" runs till Aug 16th. Keep an eye out for my favourite, The ...

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Posted on Friday, Jul 29th, 2005 in The IPWS Blog by Tom Lawlor

One of Dublin's finest pubs is located on the North Strand near the Royal Canal. Cusacks is owned by Brian and Betty Healy. The bar displays one of the finest collections of marine memrobilia in the country. A great collection of ships models, brass fittings and an amazing chart of the Irish coastline showing every lighthouse with the lights blinking in accurate sequence. Modestly displayed on a pillar is Brians ...

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Posted on Sunday, Jul 3rd, 2005 in The IPWS Blog by Alan Murphy

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