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My wedding photography experience is not only from Ireland, but it extends throughout Europe, thus I am accustomed to different wedding styles and celebrations.

Your most beautiful day

The wedding is all about you, your love, and your family and friends. That's why my style is a subtle combination of reportage and documentary photography. My aim is to capture the spirit and to tell the story of the most beautiful day of your life without being intrusive in any way. I will make you feel comfortable even if you're shy of the camera. Using my experience in beauty portraiture, I can assure you that all the photos will reveal your interior and exterior beauty, making you look your best. In order to create astonishing photographs and memories, I will work closely with you, while also perfectly blending in with the guests.

Your natural beauty

A wedding is one of the most important moments in your life, and that's why I believe it's not only necessary to capture the essence of the moment, but also offer you an opportunity to relive your most treasured moments each time you take a glance at the photos. My style allows me to stay close to the action, without interrupting the chain of events. However, in a few select moments, we'll work together to create your wedding portraits, capturing your spoken and unspoken love. Every bride should have a beauty portrait in her wedding dress. I'll be there to capture your most magical moments, transcribing them into timeless photos. Most of the time, you won't see me working my magic, but you will definitely feel it once you open your wedding album.

Always working together

I work closely with all my clients to make sure that they're completely satisfied with my work. None of the photographs will feel forced, or anything else but natural. In order to do so, I'm open to every suggestion, and we'll make sure together that the final photographs are exactly what you wished for.

Safekeeping LOVE forever!

Available for work in Kilkenny, Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Wexford, Tipperary and Waterford.

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