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In a nut shell, Reportage Photography means images recorded in a Photojournalistic manner, your wedding day is reported or covered in photographs as that day moves along. Then why do so many photographers claim to be reportage when they set up so many images? And therefore slowing your wedding day down?

Philip Bourke operates as a Photojournalistic photographer. A Reportage Photographer. A Documentary Photographer. Recording images as your wedding day moves. No set ups, no jumping over walls, no pretend reportage, no nonsense, no waffle about meaningless awards, no fuss for the couple. They simply enjoy their day. It's about grabbing and creating images, anticipating photographs and documenting that day, moving with the pace of the day to record as it happens, keeping the atmosphere alive.

"In general, the couples who book me say the same thing. No fussing, just real photographs. They see the images on my webiste and feel the energy, and even more so when they view my extensive portfolio. Professional people want a professional who will do the job with ease. And that's all I do. I simply record the day as it unfolds in a creative documentary fashion, it makes for something different and very unique, each wedding day definitely has it's own story to be told and pictures to be recorded. The images can be dynamic, the images can be subtle, but they won't have any generic cliches usually associated with wedding photography".

Think Photography not Wedding Photography and You'll get something really cool, refreshing and memorable that really sums up your wedding day.

Available for work in Kerry, Limerick, Cork, Tipperary, Waterford, Galway, Clare and Cork.


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