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Beautiful images capturing the love in your everyday. Children and Family documentary photography in your home or location of your choice. Available throughout Kildare, Carlow, Meath, Dublin, Wicklow. 

I\'ve been there. I get it. The first few months with a newborn are hectic, wonderful, crazy, emotional. I was not capable of bringing my new baby to a  newborn photographer for a photo session. If I had known that someone would come to my home and make beautiful images of my family I would have jumped at the chance. Babies change so fast and I miss the tiny things, like how peaceful their little faces are when asleep or how amazing it feels to sit and feed your baby. This newborn phase is an wonderful time in a family\'s home, full of tender moments and love. I don\'t have beautiful images of these moments and I regret that.

As a newborn and family photographer, I am in my happy place. I also go between working part-time in a lovely Montessori or shouting from the sidelines of football pitches. I spend most of my in the company of children and I love it. This time is fleeting and if I can help to capture that for other families then I feel that I am doing something very worthwhile.

Available for work in Kildare, Carlow, Laois, Dublin, Wicklow, Meath, Kilkenny and Kildare.

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