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Is iPad in your photography business?

Friday, Nov 9th, 2012 | Source: Striking Images Blog

I had somebody ask me recently to give a course on the iPad (or the iPad Mini) in business. If you are not, you should be! Here are just some thoughts on what you could be doing.   What can ...

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The Gear – Part III

Sunday, Jul 1st, 2012 | Source: Striking Images

The first thing to say is I am all APPLE. I love their hardware, I love their software. The items they produce are an integral part of of most of what I do. So lets have a look at what ...

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Is your site viewable on a mobile device, it had better be.

Tuesday, Feb 14th, 2012 | Source: Striking Images

Just having a look at Google Analytics for my blog and I notice that just about half of the traffic in the past seven days has been from mobile devices. So the question is, is your site mobile friendly? If ...

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The Genealogy Roadshow as seen on RTE1 by Dominic Lee

Sunday, Aug 21st, 2011 | Source: Priory Studios

The Genealogy Roadshow as seen on RTE1 by Dominic Lee Our photography shoot took us to the fabulous setting of  Slane Castle, where filming took place for the final series of The Genealogy Roadshow. If you can imagine the Antiques Roadshow meets ...

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iPad SPD 45

Wednesday, Jun 15th, 2011 | Source: whats the jackanory ?

SPD 45: The Design Annual For iPad from SPD Videos on Vimeo. This looks pretty cool and a great resource to boot. Probably won’t be long before all competitions put out something like this… And if you haven’t checked them out ...

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iPad used to showcase Photographers work.

Posted on Wednesday, Sep 22nd, 2010 by Alan Murphy

I was at the recent PhotoVision show in Dublin when I got talking with Brian from First Property Photography about the iPad and how photographers use it. While he was showing me his Portfolio Slideshow I took a video of ...

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This is a post from the iPad

Posted on Monday, Jul 26th, 2010 by Alan Murphy

One of the main reasons I got the iPad was the ability to blog on the go - maybe at a conference or a product launch without having to carry a laptop. Realistically the iPhone is too small for ...

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