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Anatomy Of A Wedding Day #15 – Anne & Daniel – County Cork & County Kerry, Ireland

Monday, Apr 11th, 2011 | Source: The Documentary Photographer

Here are some wedding photographs by way of a change of pace. People are coming up to me to ask about my sudden obsession with cattle and meat. They are starting to worry that it is unhealthy. I have even ...

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Enviroment, Politics, Arts & Entertainment.

Posted on Saturday, Feb 19th, 2011 by Alan Murphy

Here are the winning AIB PPAI Photojournalism Awards for the Environment, Politics, Arts & Entertainment Categories. ENVIRONMENT POLITICS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT

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Wedding in Carton House, Maynooth, Kildare

Posted on Thursday, Feb 3rd, 2011 by Keith Arkins Photography

As well as making the roads treacherous, the recent bad weather also produced stunning landscapes, which worked out well for Orla and Ronan's winter-themed wedding in Carton House, in Maynooth last December. Having travelled home from Australia to celebrate with ...

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Happy Christmas Everyone

Wednesday, Dec 22nd, 2010 | Source: david mcclelland photography

Right now, I’m supposed to be back home for Christmas. There’s an empty spot on my parents couch where my bum should be. I’m supposed to be sitting there, getting brought tea and biscuits by my mum. A tin of ...

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Beautiful Dogs – Snowy Dublin Mountains

Monday, Dec 6th, 2010 | Source: Pet Photography Ireland

Last Friday I went on a big hike up and around Three Rock/Ticknock mountain. It looks absolutely amazing covered in all the snow. Dublin was a white wonderland! At the top I met Greg and asked to photograph his beautiful ...

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O2 in the Snow

Thursday, Dec 2nd, 2010 | Source: david mcclelland photography

I took a little trip over to the O2 tonight with the camera and tripod. Not much to say really other than it was freezing. Still, nothing that a tshirt, jumper, hoodie, leather jacket, hat, two pairs of socks and ...

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Thursday, Dec 2nd, 2010 | Source: Ruthless Imagery Photo Blog

Nothing to do with music i’m afraid. It’s just snow. In East Wall. On my way to the shops to pick up loo roll. Too justify this being on a music blog, I can tell you I was listening to ...

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Can’t build a snowman – don’t worry, have a fight!

Wednesday, Dec 1st, 2010 | Source: david mcclelland photography

On Saturday night we built the most beautiful snowman. When I say snow’man’, it was more snow’woman’, but either way – it was great. It had limes for eyes, a red chilli for a mouth, a lovely head of leafy ...

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A drive to Waterford and my new best friend.

Wednesday, Dec 1st, 2010 | Source: david mcclelland photography

On Sunday night I made what was a treacherous journey from Dublin to my girlfriends in Waterford. I wouldn’t wish that journey on anyone. Especially from Kilkenny onwards. We were down to one lane and 50kph. No-one dared go out onto ...

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One from the archives. A real snow white wedding – Jennifer and John

Tuesday, Nov 30th, 2010 | Source: david mcclelland photography

Brrrrrrr. It’s just not letting up is it? As we approach this weekend, it looks like I’m going to be shooting my first wedding in the snow since January. I’m all for the snow – it’s pretty and looks great ...

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Winter Coat Snow fashion Shoot, Sunday Independent

Sunday, Jan 17th, 2010 | Source: Dublin Photographer Angela Halpin

Hot coats to thrill away the chill!Cloak yourself in quality cashmere, merino and mohair at bargain prices to keep warm in style, says Constance Harris. Read rest of article in the Sunday Independent. ...

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